((Er, maybe?))

((I’ve been really focusing on my personal art style. I’m never satisfied with any of my original artworks and drawing for this blog isn’t helping much. So I decided to take a break from this to practice more.))

((I’m not leaving forever. I love Catwoman too much to abandon this so expect my return…some day… >:’I and who knows. I might reply a question every now and then~ ))

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Regrettable Decisions


Let’s just say that Batman had no trouble catching me in the past.


Blow Me One Last Kiss

Looking for a kiss yourself~? Sorry Anon. There’s only one guy I’ll kiss and he’s currently busy fighting crime while wearing grey tights. ;)

But here’s one on the cheek for trying.


Starving For Some Attention…

Oh why thank you for saying so~

And of course you can~
Iris loves all the attention she can get. ;)



Um…did I miss something? I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Gotham Gals

I know most, if not all, of the other rogues but I have to say I prefer hanging out with my girls Pammy and Harley~
We’ve become friends, even allies every now and then, ever since our Gotham City Siren days.

Occasionally we’ll have a day of just relaxing with each other, usually disturbed by Harley begging us to play a game.

Harley is also fond of food fights.

Needless to say, she always wins.

This is usually followed up with more games.

Finally, around midnight, Harley falls asleep. “Relaxing” is pretty tiring when she’s involved but neither Pam nor I really mind.

We don’t like to admit it, but it’s fun hanging out with each other. :)


I hate needles.


A Night with the Knight


Big, Blonde, and Beautiful~

It’s blonde right now. I think it’s more sophisticated that way but I’ve been thinking about getting it cut. Who knows~? Maybe in the near future I will get it short and dark.


This place is dangerous…I like it!

Black on black, silver accents, collar…there’s only one cat burglar who can pull this off.Oh wait, that’s me~

I must say, the goggles are a wonderful addition. More importantly, the outfit shows off my assets quite nicely~